Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sami National Day

The Sami Flag
Today, February 6, is Sami National Day, celebrated mostly in northern Norway and Sweden, but important to the Sami wherever they live. In the Northwest, Pacific Lutheran University is hosting some events today from 4 pm on at their Scandinavian Cultural Center. 

In several Nordic cities and towns, it's Sami Week all week long. Tromsø, Norway has a busy weekend coming up: an outdoor market, reindeer racing, and lasso throwing championships in the main street. On Saturday night is a concert with world musician  Mari Boine and Norrbotten Big  Band.

The Nordiska Museet in Stockholm chose Sami National day to open their exhibit of fifteen paintings of Lapland by Emilie Demant Hatt: Memory of Lapland: Minnen av Lappland.

Look for more about this exhibit and a talk I'll be giving at the museum March 19 in the next posts.

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