Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baiki's 20th Anniversary Issue

The newest issue of Baiki is out, marking the international Sámi journal's 20th anniversary issue. Baiki was started by American Faith Fjeld in 1991 and covers Sámi arts, literature, history, spirituality, and environmental concerns, along with posting events in the North American Sámi community. "Báiki is the nomadic reindeer-herding society's word for cultural identity and survival, ‘the home that lives in the heart.’"

The Fall 2011 issue has an articles on noiadi drums in the U.K., the meaning of play and games in Sámi culture, and a personal story of a woman finding her Sámi roots in the Lofoten Islands of Norway. Baiki also has reprinted my posts from this year about Sara Wheeler’s book, The Magnetic North into a single essay.

Information about ordering is on the Baiki website.

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