Friday, April 15, 2011


Today I was working "at home" in Vesterbro and went out for a walk mid-day with my camera to enjoy the sunshine.I had been planning to go to Copenhagen's City Museum, right next door. But instead I contented myself with taking a picture of the model city (1580) in its courtyard.

I walked up Frederiksberg Alle to the large gardens and park and then back along Gammel Kongevej. Two Danish women artists I've written about, Emilie Mundt and Marie Luplau, had their home and art school on the fourth floor of number 136. A door or two away is a used music store where I found a CD set of Leonard Bernstein conducting Carl Nielsen. Although I love the Blomstedt recordings, Bernstein really captures the spirit of Nielsen, especially in the opening bars. Gammel Kongevej reminds me of the Upper West Side--a quieter version. Lots of people out and sitting around in cafes with faces turned toward the sun. Chocolate shops full of Easter eggs and bunnies. Flower shops in abundance.

Last night around eleven I was sitting here reading a thriller (Liza Marklund) and all of a sudden: bang, bang, bang. It sounded like gun shots in the street. I looked out the window and a short distance away, fireworks shot up into the sky. Why? The Queen's birthday? But that's on Saturday.

No, it was Tivoli. Celebrating its opening April 14th.

A star magnolia at Frederiksberg Have

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