Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tromsø, Norway

I arrived in Tromsø a couple of days ago in a snowstorm and it’s been on and off snowing ever since. My hotel room looks out at the bridge between Tromsø (an island) and the mainland, so my view is of the ship’s traffic and docks below as well as of the large mountain and Arctic Cathedral across the water.

My work here is done—meetings with researchers at Tromsø museum and the International Johan Turi Conference yesterday at the university—so I have a day to play hooky with my writer friend Ragnhild Nilstun. Now I’m glad I brought all my winter clothes, even though when I fly south again tomorrow to Stockholm, I’ll be wondering how to lighten my load.

Tromsø is shockingly far north—70 degrees I remember—and yet it has a cozy feel: lots of wooden houses, sometimes brightly painted, and many people in the streets. It’s a university town and a fishing town, a polar research center, a tourist destination (though far more so in summer). 

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